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Blake Dean - Tuesday

Right, the trip did run from Monday to Friday so why u ask is she skipping to Tuesday? Well, what was meant to be an hour stroll on the Monday after we'd all unpacked, that didn't really require a camera as we weren't going to be out long enough, turned into a six hour voyage of discovery climbing over boulders, trekking up vertical hills, rain and gale force winds. So nothing tangible was recovered from that day but many memories remain.
Many photographs were taken from Tuesdays outing. Me and a couple of others went to the Gorple Reservoirs near Hebden Bridge. Weather was cold, rainy, windy, cloudy so really perfect for photographers. Sarcasm aside I actually produced images that were eerie with the cloud sometimes being lower than us setting into the land. And sometimes the rain drops that landed on the lens would create a misty layer that created a ghostly old feeling.

Blake Dean - Prologue

Seems like forever now but I'm just getting round to sorting out my photographs taken on a photography end of year trip to the lovely Blake Dean. I remember being somewhat apprehensive prior to the trip as I am not a fitness fanatic so the idea of walking around the Yorkshire moors all day for five days was not appealing. But, it opened my eyes to landscape as I had never really ventured out properly and taken my own images representing the outdoor environment. The trip entailed visiting several reservoirs and local tourist hotspots in the wilderness and the experience completely changed my views on landscape and me as a photographer. Also, it gave me and my group to really get to know each other properly as we lived in a cabin together throughout the trip. Spending all your time solid around people who have similar if not the same ambitions and outlook as you is very refreshing. We all bounced ideas of each other and helped each other throughout the trip. There was the threat that because most of us were out in the same area at the same time that we would get identical images. But this is not the case, we are each very individual and took stunning photographs in our own right. The next few blogs will be of what I took on the Blake Dean trip.