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Blake Dean - Tuesday

Right, the trip did run from Monday to Friday so why u ask is she skipping to Tuesday? Well, what was meant to be an hour stroll on the Monday after we'd all unpacked, that didn't really require a camera as we weren't going to be out long enough, turned into a six hour voyage of discovery climbing over boulders, trekking up vertical hills, rain and gale force winds. So nothing tangible was recovered from that day but many memories remain.
Many photographs were taken from Tuesdays outing. Me and a couple of others went to the Gorple Reservoirs near Hebden Bridge. Weather was cold, rainy, windy, cloudy so really perfect for photographers. Sarcasm aside I actually produced images that were eerie with the cloud sometimes being lower than us setting into the land. And sometimes the rain drops that landed on the lens would create a misty layer that created a ghostly old feeling.


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