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Noel Bowler

Been a while, this blog is not a diary to whine about life and about people pointlessly. This to me is more important and is about what I think about photography.
I recently saw Noel Bowler's Work "Making Space" at the Impressions Gallery in Bradford. It deals with Islam in Ireland, and how Muslim people have made houses and even churches into mosques of some kind.

I found it amazing how people managed to change domestic areas into holy places and from the outside seem completely the same. His work deals with Ireland's image of being mainly Catholic and when I first heard about the work I was amazed there was such a strong Islamic culture.
Living in Bradford, It has become controversial the dynamic between the Islamic culture here and the non-Islamic culture. And when the Channel 4 documentary "Make Bradford British" aired I was more than critical about what it would contain. But it wasn't some guinea pig experiment it actually showed stored up feelings between both parties and the ignorance on both sides. Having not been brought up religious in any way I always find the conversation between beliefs interesting. And having a photographer with a heritage of Catholicism deal with these issues I found very interesting and inspiring.


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