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Northern Stars

Just found this post that I never published! Aw bless me!
I'll be graduating soon. And for the last 6 months I have been preparing for my Final Major Project. Firstly, the subject matter is this: Looking at cities effected by post-industrialisation particularly in Northern England. Going to five cities Manchester, Bradford, Sheffield, Newcastle and Birmingham and investigating the ways the withdrawal of industry since the 1980s has effected the landscape and therefore socially.

Britain was the birthplace of the industrial revolution in the late 18th century and so communities circled and gravitated around cities and their industries. Manchester was famous for textiles, Bradford was the birthplace of the cotton and wool industry being the largest manufacturer in the world, Sheffield was dubbed the 'steel city' famous for its steelworks, Newcastle at times of war was the biggest shipbuilders in the country providing many of the ships for the famous British Navy and Birmingham was the spicentre of all these industries with its extensive canal system providing a watery infrastrcuture for Britain connecting all the industries (having a longer canal system than Venice!).

I come from an industrial background, mainly mining, and so I am always drawn to these kinds of stories, and I am very passionate about British heritage. This I feel is partly passed down from my parents who would take me and my sister to heritage sites weekly as children. For my Final Major Project I wanted to create a Homage to my country and I wanted to challenge myself with the journey of traveling across these past cities and look at how they have been regenerated or left frozen in time.

As part of my project myself and my group are exhibiting in the studio of the Impressions Gallery in Bradford. This began on the 11th of May and will go on until the 1st of June. Thinking of my audience, it is perfect to exhibit within a post industrial city as people within the area have an awareness and understanding of the subject.


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